Frequently asked questions when renting a car

Frequently asked questions when renting a car | Auto Thermal

Which driving license is valid in the Czech Republic?

Every driving license from EU and US are valid in the Czech Republic.

If you want to travel to the other EU countries, it is better to have an international driving license.

What documents I need to rent a car?

You need a passport and driver’s license, valid for at least 1 year. Minimum ages of 21.

When and how I do the book  a car?

It is better to make a reservation in advance, especially for summer and holidays. Booking of a car can be done in English language on the phone, or on e-mail:

Do you also offer cars for 6 – 7 people?

Yes, we have CITROËN SPACETOURER, which can take up to 8 people (7+1).

Do you offer cars with a larger luggage compartment?


Are the cars insured?

All cars are accidentally insured with a co-payment of up to 5 000 CZK (C3, Fabia), up to 8 000 CZK (Octavia) and up to 20 000 CZK(KODIAQ, SPACETOURER).

Is it possible to travel by your cars across Europe?

You can travel throughout the Central and Western Europe and in Slovakia.

What happens if I violate traffic rules?

If you violate traffic rules and you are stopped by the police on the road, then you pay the fine on the spot.

If, the police notice us after your departure about your traffic violation, we provide them with your details and a copy of the contract.

If the police issue a fine, it will be paid by your credit card.

How to get by car to the hotel in the spa area in K.Vary?

In Karlovy Vary it is forbidden to drive to a spa area without a Permit, which releases the city police. You can buy it from the city police or from us. Without the permit you will be fined. The list of streets which are located in the spa area you can find here.

Where can I park the car in the night?

You can park in your hotel where you are staying, or in some nearby hotel, if they have free spaces. We have our parking places in the hotel Thermal. All of these options are paid. In the city center there is not a free of charge parking, only in the residential area outside the center.

Where do we go, what to see?

To each client we give an individual recommendation on where to go.

According to the client’s interest, everyone receives a personalized list of interesting places, useful addresses, and distance in km from K.Vary and journey times.

Do you provide delivery of hired cars to the airport?

We delivery cars to the airport K.Vary for free. To the Prague airport at a cost of 1,500 CZK and to the center of Prague for 2000 CZK.

Do you provide transfers?

You can order transfers by Mercedes Benz E class, S class, Viano to whole Europe.

What is the speed limit in the Czech Republic?

The maximum speed allowed in the city is 50km/h, out of town 90km/h, on highway 130km/h. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

Does a child need a special car seat?

All passengers in the car must always be buckled and children up to 18 kg in a special car seat; child up to 36 kg, or 150 cm in height on a special pillow.

How much does the motorway in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria cost?

In each of our cars there is a Motorway sticker for the Czech Republic on the windscreen and environmental code to enter city centers in Germany. In Germany the motorways are until to 2015 for free, in Austria it is necessary to buy a coupon for motorway at the petrol station for 8 € per week (minimum). In Italy and France you pay at motorway tender on the spot while traveling on the motorway. In Switzerland they sell a year coupon.